Do you have a store to visit?

Yes we have a store in Pune, MH, India

Address: 13/2, Bhosale House,, Nal Stop, Karve Road, Opp. Kasat Sarees, Erandawane, Pune – 411 004.

Is this real gold and diamond jewellery?

No, this is imitation and American diamond jewellery, designed to replicate the real jewellery.

What material is the jewellery made of?

It depends on different variety, but is made up of metals like copper and brass and gold polish. We also have pure silver and mix silver jewellery with a 925 mark.

How to store the jewellery?

Since all the jewellery is an art of polish work, it is important to store it in simple plastic boxes / ziplock bags and keep away from chemicals like perfume. This helps in a longer life for the jewellery.

Is the jewellery re-polishable?

Most of the jewellery is re-polishable, unless it’s costume jewellery or kundan jewellery.